Providing small businesses with growth strategies using financial intelligence and dynamic analytics.

Gain insights to your business, get to know your customers more in-depth, identify impactful trends, and so much more. Harnessing data into a powerful resource is not just for the big players anymore.

Why Verzia Consulting

At Verzia Consulting we help guide your business into making strategic decisions that will take your business to the next level. We take our background in finance and harness the new technology within business intelligence & analytics. Our services are designed to take raw data and pinpoint areas of opportunity for growth, developing new metrics to measure success and guiding you along the way to unlock the full potential of your business.

Your business might be missing opportunities – data never lies

Imagine if you knew exactly what mix of products or services to sell and how to sell it. Imagine hitting those dream revenue goals for your business. By getting our free 20 item checklist you will be able to evaluate your business, see where it stands, and take a step closer to your goals.

What we do

Whether your business needs refined KPIs for a more focused team, budgeting help, product or service pricing guidance, digital marketing analytics, or even operational analytics to help run smoother. At Verzia Consulting we pride ourselves on delivering actionable strategies that lead to growth.

Who we are

“When you understand what drives profit, when you understand the numbers and what they mean, then businesses can do extraordinary things. They just need someone to point them in the right direction”
Hi, I’m Nisreen Ghulam, Founder of Verzia Consulting. After spending years in Big Four accounting and in the revenue analysis space, I am fortunate enough to have found my true calling, which is helping small businesses overcome major obstacles stopping their growth while preparing them for the future.
By using the right business metrics, I help identify a business’s biggest pain points and craft a customized plan to overcome them while effectively managing growth and change. Through experience I have noticed that most entrepreneurs’ instincts are to sell more and amp up revenue in order to fix their business’s operational issues.
These unreliable, shoot from the hip, methods of growing a business often impede success. Without a specific and repeatable growth strategy, a business’s success is more like a lottery win rather than a well-crafted strategy that takes a business to the next level.
At Verzia Consulting we are the compass that guides businesses. We give business owners a way to check their gut instincts to make sure they are, in fact, moving true north. Making sure that there is a solid plan that measures success, while at the same time identifying areas of opportunity. Leading to not only growth, but a clear path to the future.

We are Verzia Consulting, see how we can change your business for the better.


Essential Metrics that Every Small Business Needs to track for Growth