We help small businesses drive successful change through data-backed insights and effective process improvements.

Creation of metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs)

Complete end-to-end business operations analysis

Product, pricing, promotion, sales and profit analysis

Planning, allocation, inventory, and merchandising analysis

Financial planning & analysis, budgeting, forecasting, and targeting

Customer audience segmentation, targeting and automation

Predictive/prescriptive analytics & regression modeling

Optimization strategy, portfolio strategy, and optimal mix

Data visualization, illustration and dashboard production

The BI Maturity Spectrum

Our Business Intelligence and Reporting services are designed to turn data into information. Businesses exist on a spectrum of maturity when it comes to BI and data analytics. Some have not yet tamed their data sprawl. Others have organized their data but lack a full complement of reports based off of it. Still others have static reports but are not offering rich, interactive visualizations so that their employees can discover answers to their own questions. Few companies are subjecting their data to true analytical scrutiny, mining for trends and making data-backed predictions about the future of their business. Where your firm is on this spectrum will determine whether it is time to consider master data management, Reporting, Self-Service Business Intelligence, or Analytics. In any case, we are there to help

Improve Critical Business Outcomes With Data Driven Insights


The idea of KPIs is not new, but repeatedly we find companies using them (or not using them) in ways that lead to poor decision-making, a false sense of control, wasted resources and unexpected, poor results. We will help you set KPIs the right way to help keep your team focused, aligned and accountable.


Many small businesses do not create an official, formally documented budget, even though they can benefit from budgeting  – especially as they grow larger. We found that more than 60% of small businesses operated without an official budget in 2020.
Without a budget it is difficult to determine what your challenges are and how quickly you need to fix them before running out of financial resources. Budgets ease the process of monitoring finances and making decisions.

Scenario Analysis

We will work together through sets of assumptions and scenarios on your business’s unique financial outlook and Future-proof your organization by creating scenario-based plans to adapt to any industry shift or economic condition.

Financial Health

We will review your accounting every month or quarter to look for errors or omissions. This will give you piece of mind that the basis of for our business metrics are accurate and provides an early warning signal if anything needs fixing (before it becomes a big problem).